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Membership & Profile Information

  1. What are the benefits of becoming a member?

    - Share your writing with others

    - Get to know writers just like you

    - Gain inspiration & improve your writing skills

    - One on one staff writing help

    - Read stories and poems

    - Gain access to our exclusive member features of the site

    And best of all, it’s totally free*!


    *Some paid services are now avalible

  2. Must I create a profile?

    No. You do not have to create a profile on our site once you have become a member, but many members find creating profiles very helpful to interact with other members and make friends. Creating a profile also enables you to enjoy the full benefits of the site.

  3. Can I create two accounts on the site?

    No. This is violates our club rules. If you would like to create a new account on our site, please let us know that you will no longer need your old account (via our Help Centre) and we will remove it for you.


    If you have previously created two accounts on this site, please let us know to remove your old account.

  4. I would like to change a setting on my profile (such as age, display name, etc.), how can I do this?

    Step 1

    Go to your member profile. Underneath your profile picture, there will be a section called 'Actions' this will have three buttons; Inbox, Friend Requests & Edit Profile.

    Step 2

    Click Edit Profile. From there you can edit everything to do with your profile;

    age, email, about, time zone, location, display name, notification preferences, and change your password.

    Step 3

    Click the submit button to save your changes.

  5. What happens to the information I put on the registration form?

    Good question. The information provided is necessary for our records for several reasons:

    1. Security on the site. It's important that we know that our site members are legitimate young writers. Providing information such as date of birth, age, location and phone number (not required) help us to better ensure safety on the website.

    2. Contact information.  Email is the main form of contact on theTeen Writers Club and we will seldom contact our members through any other form. We respect member's privacy and we will never  send anything to your home address, or call you without your prior permission. Also, providing your phone number is totally optional.

    3. Better service. The database enables us to access information fast and accurately, getting back to our members as fast as possible in a simple, uncomplicated environment.

    In regards to privacy, we will never give out your details to anyone. All information is stored in our database, accessible to Teen Writers Club staff members only.

    On hackers and viruses; there are hackers and viruses out there and nothing on the Web can ever be TOTALLY secure or private. We want you to know we have no control over hackers or viruses that attack our site, however we make every effort to ensure your information is kept secure.

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Help Centre

  1. I have forgoten my password, what can I do?

    To retrieve your password, simply go onto the login page and click the forgot password button. It will then guide you through the process of retrieving your password.

    Having trouble? You can also access the password retrieval page at this link: www.teenwrite.webs.com/apps/auth/forgotPassword

  2. I have forgoten the email address I used for my account, what can I do?

    Simply go to Help Centre, and let us know your user name. We will then send you the email address you used to create your account.

  3. I have found some content on the site (such as a story or forum) offensive. What can I do?

    Please let us know about your issue via our site Help Centre. Our dedicated staff team does our best to make the Teen Writers Club a safe and enjoyable place for everyone and will be happy to review your request to have the content removed.

  4. I am receiving suspicious or offensive content from other members. What can I do?

    If you are being harassed, receiving suspicious/ offensive content, or are being made to feel uncomfortable on the site, please let us know immediately via our Help Centre. The Teen Writers Club does not tolerate such behavior at any point in time and we will do our best to make sure you are able to enjoy your time on the site, without being made to feel unwelcome, offended or unsafe.


    NOTE - this is not a frequently asked question, however we want to make sure that everyone on our site is enabled to have a safe and enjoyable time. We have provided this question (and answer) in case of such a situation.

  5. I submited my story/poem and I haven't received a reply... what should I do?

    Unfortunetly, due to increase in the size, the Teen Writers Club is not currently able to reply to every submission.

    We are working on this and will soon be sending replies (to new submissions only).

  6. I contacted TWC and have not heard back... what should I do?

    While we try to get back to everyone, TWC receives many emails each month and sometimes we fail to get back to someone.

    If this has happened to you, please submit a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  7. I have signed up with the Pen Pal Service and have not heard back... what do I do now?

    Unfortunately, we have had trouble with our pen pal system and lost many requests for pen pals. However, we have now redone our entire system and you should receive an email by the 22nd of October, 2010.

    If not, please submit a ticket.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Club rules

  1. Is there an age limit?

    Yes. The Teen Writers Club accepts members aged 10 - 18.

  2. Can I create mutiple accounts on the site?

    No. This is violates our club rules. If you would like to create a new account on our site, please let us know that you will no longer need your old account (via our Help Centre) and we will remove it for you.


    If you have previously created mutiple accounts on this site, please let us know to remove your old account/s.

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Link problems

  1. Whenever I try to open up any of the newsletters, it only comes up with a blank tab. Why is this?

    If you cannot open the newsletters on our site, the most likely possibility is you have parental controls on your user. Parental controls is a program developed for Mac computers, from which parents can disable links. If unsure of whether you have this program, ask your parents.

    You may be unable to open the newsletter on any user with parental controls, however, your parents may be able to adjust the settings so you can access our newsletter.

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Pen Pal Service

  1. Why send emails to [email protected] instead of sending them directly to my pen pal?

    Sending emails to the twpenpal service rather than to personal email addresses is a safety precaution employed by the Teen Writers Club.

    This is used to make sure that our service is a spam-free environment, ensuring that both you and your pen pal can enjoy the full benefits of the service through a direct forwarding system. 

    If you would like to inquire further about the Teen Write pen pal service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Writing Tip of the Month

Just keep writing: If you keep looking back over what you’ve written, you’ll end up wanting to go back and edit and you’ll never get anything finished. Keep writing, and only after you’ve finished your first draft should you read over what you’ve written. This will help you to become much more efficient in your writing :) Good luck!